SOS Business Geniuses

Our regular shout out to some of Oahu’s finest professionals.

December 2016

December 2016

Danielle Tucker

Traffic Reporter, Host, and Producer

Danielle Tucker has been on the airwaves for a long time. For most of the 80s she did “Morning Madness” on the Q and KKUA, working her way up to the top of the heap, coming in #1 in the morning in all demographics in the Honolulu market. She’s since become well known as host and producer of “The Golf Club” radio show and as the AM and PM traffic reporter for numerous FM radio stations across the island. If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic and heard a distinctive female voice on your FM dial telling you the reason for the slowdown, you know who she is.

Danielle is passionate about Hawaii’s community and helps by connecting people and organizations that can benefit one another. When she learned that SOS was fighting cyber criminals and protecting Hawaii businesses from identity theft, computer hijacking, data ransom and monetary losses she asked us to be on her radio show. It’s good to know that others are concerned about cyber-criminal activity and want to do their part to protect our island ohana.

For the month of December, 2016 we at SOS would like to show our appreciation and recognize Danielle for her hard work and success. Congratulations!

October 2016

October 2016

Verna Rapez

Owner, The Embroidery Gift Shop

Multi-generational businesses are common in Hawaii. Parents take the risk of starting and nurturing the business and once it’s running smoothly, pass it on to the next generation as their legacy. The Embroidery Gift Shop is such a business. Started over 30 years ago, they are one of the few shops in Hawaii to master the art of “free-hand embroidery,” doing custom embroidery work for bikers to babies, and from the military to middle schoolers. Over the years Verna has modernized the business with computerized embroidery machines and improved processes to create personalized products at reasonable prices.

She realized early on that the volume of phone calls coming into the workshop was affecting customer service. Her staff would get stuck on the phone answering basic questions such as “What are your hours?” and “Where are you located?” while customers in the store would stand there, tapping their foot listening to the conversation, waiting to be helped. Total Voice solved this problem almost overnight, giving callers answers to these basic questions and freeing up the staff to provide focused face time with patrons in the store.

For the month of October, 2016 we at SOS would like to show our appreciation and recognize Verna for her hard work and success in this challenging space. Congratulations!

September 2016

September 2016

Jared Grugett

President, Hawaii Dialogix Telecom

It’s common knowledge in Hawaii that if you want phone or Internet service, your choices are Oceanic/Time Warner Cable or Hawaiian Telecom. In 2004, Jared Grugett saw the “big boys” lack of service, high pricing and shortage of options as an opportunity to help the Islands and decided the best way to do so was by building a better phone and Internet infrastructure himself.

The dream started without any funding and has taken over a decade to materialize. But Jared’s company, Hawaii Dialogix and Telecom (HDT) has slowly gained traction in the local market. Now Hawaii’s fastest growing Internet Service Provider, they are a better and more cost effective choice for businesses that intend to grow and thrive. Their portfolio includes Kamehameha Schools, The Shidler Group, Hawaii Convention Center, Hawaii Visitor’s and Convention Bureau just to name a few. The cherry on top is that HDT recently installed free public WiFi throughout Our Kaka’ako. What a great public service!

For the month of September, 2016 we at SOS would like to show our appreciation and recognize Jared for his hard work, success and philanthropy. Congratulations!

August 2016

August 2016

Kiran Polk

Executive Director, Kapolei Chamber of Commerce

Kiran holds the position of Executive Director for the Kapolei Chamber of Commerce and is the face of Oahu’s fastest growing business economy. From rail to Disney, from the Salvation Army to working with Hunt developers, she has built the necessary relationships vital to truly building Oahu’s second city.

Most recently Kiran has been an advocate for the Kapolei Jobs Initiative which offers tax incentives to increase the number of businesses willing to establish or relocate themselves in the Kapolei region. It illustrates her determination, commitment and passion for Oahu’s west side. It is her ongoing goal to make Kapolei an attractive home for professional organizations that are critical to transforming a local economy to a metropolitan one.

For the month of August, 2016 we at SOS wholeheartedly appreciate and congratulate Kiran on her hard work and success. Congratulations!

May 2016

May 2016

Iqbal Ashraf

President, GUILD

Guild offers instant access to relevant experts to help business leaders overcome challenges in their organization and capture those fleeting opportunities that can slingshot a business to the next level. Behind this innovative organization is Iqbal Ashraf, who recognized that business leaders shoulder immense responsibilities, from building client relationships to driving performance and innovation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to turn for instant advice and expertise from a global network of seasoned and talented professionals? Voila, Guild management consulting was born.

Since 2012 the company has been steadily growing, thanks to Iqbal’s own expertise in showing business leaders how to leverage their resources to solve problems. His experience ranges from pioneering “cloud accounting” in Hawaii at ProAccounting, to a number of roles at General Electric (GE) where he coordinated with outsourced teams throughout the globe to service Healthcare and Fortune 500 companies.

For the month of May, 2016 we at SOS wholeheartedly appreciate and congratulate Iqbal on his hard work and success. Congratulations!